Everything you know about your health and health care has been paid for by Pharma. It’s time to take a stand. Are you with us?


We welcome scientists, researchers, medical doctors, osteopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, journalists, health professionals, health advocates, professors, teachers, parents, and individuals who believe there is more to health and healthcare than drugs, shots, and medical devices controlled and sold by Pharma. 


We welcome a variety of philosophies and perspectives with the common core belief that science is a process of on-going exploration and discovery. Science is never settled. 

Countries are being misled by scientists and doctors because of their loyalty to support Pharma


Now… Healthcare Freedom has become the civil rights movement of our day. The recent threat of mandatory shots for every living human being on the planet and the mandated suffocation of our social connections and economy requires our immediate attention, engagement, and active response. 


Worldwide… Countries are being misled by scientists and doctors because of their loyalty to align and support the financial incentives of Pharma. 

The legal proof that Pharma corrupts is widely documented. 


Healthcare censorship by private media corporations (mainstream and social) sponsored by Pharma is the primary issue of today. We can’t debate the issues if we can’t share a diversity of perspectives.

Mandating unavoidably unsafe shots for every American is the very definition of un-American.


The science that shots are safe and effective isn’t settled.

The legal proof that Pharma corrupts scientists, doctors, and journalists worldwide to promote fraudulent science, deadly drugs, and dangerous medical care is widely documented. 

Systemic financial conflicts of interest and their influence on healthcare policy and medical practice have become the single greatest threat to our individual personal civil liberties and our health, the world has ever been exposed to. 

List of Largest Pharma Settlements:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_largest_pharmaceutical_settlements

Mainstream and social media companies MUST #stophealthcarecensorship.

Our Stand:

Mainstream and social media companies MUST #stophealthcarecensorship.

Scientists, researchers, doctors, patients, and parents of victims MUST be able to exercise their freedom of speech by questioning and debating the positions held by government health care agencies that have clear, proven financial conflicts of interest.

Healthcare policy decision-makers MUST NOT personally profit from their decisions to promote or denounce any specific Pharma sponsored therapeutic or vaccine.

Decision-makers MUST be independent to follow the data, research, and science that supports policies in the public’s best interest versus being censored if their conclusions don’t align with Pharma’s highest profits.  

Mandatory policies, whether for masks, lock-downs, and shots, MUST have sound, valid, accurate, health research and data as their basis, not political affiliation, intimidation or censorship.  

Media MUST stop instilling irrational fear in society day after day after day. Fear is the virus that justifies the evaporation of our personal civil liberties and freedoms. 

We MUST exercise our common sense and remember that Pharma is the same industry led by convicted criminal corporations that created the Opioid Crisis and have been found guilty of fraud, bribery and illegally selling products known to cause death and community devastation. 

We MUST acknowledge that Pharma has a long history of being guilty of making “False Claims” and consistent practice of “Off-label promotion” to sell more product without scientific basis along with “kick-backs” aka illegal bribery and intentionally creating Phalse Hope and Phear as scare tactics to create unnecessary demand for their products. 

Is it really in the public’s best interest to give Pharma FULL LEGAL IMMUNITY for all consequences of their warp-speed shot?  

We Ask:

How long are we willing to live in a social and economic shut-down, requiring mandatory masks, social distancing, shutting down schools and businesses, limiting social gatherings, and keeping our economy locked-down?

What’s our plan if Pharma doesn’t find a safe and effective shot this year? 

Should we be giving away billions of dollars to Pharma with no agreement that if they do find a safe and effective solution, they will make it affordable for all who want it? 

Is it really in the public’s best interest to give Pharma FULL LEGAL IMMUNITY for all consequences of their warp-speed shot? 

What are the costs and consequences of our current mandates and lock-downs? Are there any other plans we should consider beyond staying at home, wearing a mask, and shutting down everything non-essential until pharma miraculously hits the lottery and saves us all with a magic shot promising to save humanity?

We Wonder:

Does this level of social change and democratic destruction deserve more public, transparent, diverse debate? 

If we shut down in order to bend the curve, is it now time to think of rational long-term solutions beyond the miracle of a safe and effective warp-speed shot that takes into consideration the larger social, physical, emotional, and financial impact our current policies are having on people’s lives and livelihood?

Is it possible we might be taking actions that are not supported by accurate data, sound science, simple logic, and rational common sense? 

We know that the roads to exploration and innovation should not be limited to discovering patentable, profitable drugs, shots, devices, or medical procedures.

We know the current system is broken and corrupt. 

We know everyone inside the system knows the system is full of obvious financial conflicts of interest, fraud, abuse, and for-profit motive. 

We know that everyone outside the system, depends on the people inside the system, to verify the truth.

The entire health care system is controlled by and sponsored by Pharma.

#StopHealthCareCensorship #TheScienceisNOTSettled #LetsHavetheDebate 

Our Purpose:

Be open to exploring, innovating, and promoting solutions not exclusively controlled and sold by Pharma.


Build awareness of the corruption and financial conflicts of interest in politics, practice, and the media that have influenced what we all believe about health and healthcare. 


Prevent mandates for anything that does not hold up to the highest level of safety and efficacy standards over time, considered within the larger societal context of cost versus benefit.






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